Hello everyone.

It’s just awesome to have you in here with me. So as to say, I am just another guy you probably would notice in a park or on the street or at some social event, capturing memories for a lifetime. Photography adds another dimension to my persona.

By profession, I am a 9 to 6 workhorse and pursues photography as my hobby and passion.  It all started with a casual over the shelf purchase of my first DSLR and I never had an idea that this will prove to be one of my most prized possession.

Alongside, travelling is another thing that rules my heart and when I am blessed with an opportunity to travel it comes as a boon to satisfy my appetite of doing the both.

This website is an attempt to assort a few of my travel diaries along with sharing the world I see through the eyes of my lens. I would love to share my experiences and hear/read from your end to help me improve on this effort. Also, there is an intent to help others to plan and have an insight about destination I have done in the past, through my Travelogy, I would love to hear how it goes.

To me, it is a wonderful way to make new friends and start a companionship while being miles apart.

Please visit my social networking links provided in below and be a critique of my work.

Many thanks again for visiting my virtual doorsteps.

God Bless, stay safe and keep making fond memories.

I’d love to talk to you about your vision and wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact me


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